Bradley Walsh to swap The Chase for a music career?


The Chase's Bradley Walsh is set to release a new music album.

And music bosses are also reportedly hoping to get Bradley touring across the UK with his songs.

It follows Bradley's debut album Chasing Dreams proving a surprise hit last year, selling over 100,000 copies in the UK.

The album became the biggest selling debut album by a British artist in 2016, outselling records by the likes of One Direction's Zayn Malik.

Now The Sun reports that Bradley could be set to take his music career to the next level.

"Bradley’s album surpassed all expectations and he’s now a key focus for the label in 2017," an insider told the newspaper. “Sony have signed him up for another album and don’t want to waste any time getting it out, as well as putting him on stages around the UK."

The source added: “He has proven there is an enormous market for his swing covers and they intend to capitalise on it. Discussions have even taken place about a third album at some point too."

Speaking about his move into music recently, Bradley admitted that his hit debut album only came about by pure chance.

"I was hosting the London Palladium show and I sang a swing tune to open up the show," he explained to The Sun newspaper. “Sony were in that night and said, ‘I didn’t realise you could sing’, and I was singing live.

“They said, ‘Can we sit down and have a chat about possibly singing another couple of songs?’ I said, ‘Yeah’, and two days later I was sitting in a hotel in London talking about an album deal. That was it."

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