ITV's The Chase could be axed if host Bradley Walsh ever quits


ITV's The Chase will be axed if host Bradley Walsh quits, it's been suggested.

The popular evening game show will only last as long as Bradley wants it to, Chaser Jenny Ryan has claimed.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper that the show just wouldn't work without him.

Jenny – also known on the show as The Vixen - said: “The big thing that makes the show a success is Bradley. It wouldn’t be the show without that guy.

“He’s fantastic. I think the show will go on for as long as Bradley wants to do it, which I hope will be a long time."

She added: "I’m pretty sure he adores his job. He loves meeting contestants and getting to know them.”

As far as Jenny is concerned, neither she nor her fellow Chasers would ever walk out.

“We feel so lucky. We were amateur quizzers but now we get to do it for a living. So there’s no way any of us Chasers would walk out," she said.

Jenny went on to boast about the show's viewing figures with the series currently pulling in up to 4 million viewers each evening, more than primetime weekend shows.

“When you’re watching at home you’re able to get quite a few right. We dominate the ratings – each night between 5pm and 6pm we are top," Jenny declared.

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