Deal Or No Deal's farewell series ends with its ninth £250,000 jackpot win

Vikki Heenan wins top prize at Glasgow's Kelvingrove Museum in Deal Or No Deal On Tour

Deal Or No Deal On Your - Vikki wins £250,000

Deal Or No Deal’s last regular run on Channel 4 has finished with another £250,000 jackpot win as part of its ‘On Tour’ specials.

Earlier this month the original version of the show, based at the ‘Dream Factory’ in Bristol, concluded after eleven years.

To mark the end of an era, Noel Edmonds has been ‘On Tour’ over the past fortnight, hosting special farewell editions at locations such as the Blackpool Tower, Longleat Safari Park - and even on board a Boeing 737 mid-flight.

However, it was at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum that Deal crowned its ninth quarter-millionaire.

Vikki Heenan, a guide dog care assistant from Arbroath, finally got her chance to play the game - which sees contestants open 22 numbered boxes to reveal amounts between 1p and £250,000 - after being left waiting when the studio version wrapped filming.

She was nicknamed the ‘Red Lady’ for always having higher amounts in her boxes - totalling over £1.3million across 20 episodes.

Vikki chose to play with box number 1, rejecting offers of £12,000, £20,000, £13,000, £17,000 and £22,000 from the Banker.

At the end she was left with a lowly £750 and the £250,000 top prize on her board - and despite the vast difference between them, she declined one final offer of a whopping £66,666, saying she had “such a good feeling” about her box.

The audience erupted in cheers when Noel opened it to reveal she had won the £250,000.

Vikki reacted by saying: “This is real, this is real! I actually cannot believe it, honestly! Thank you so much!”

Noel delivered a congratulatory message from the Banker, saying: “It’s not often I doff my bowler to the player, but I was faced with a Braveheart.”

While the original version has been axed, it has been suggested that Deal Or No Deal On Tour may return in the future for occasional event series. Channel 4 has yet to comment on the rumour.

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