New ITV game show Spotless sees contestants just having to stay CLEAN

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ITV's Spotless is a new one-off game show where contestants just have to keep things clean.

The summer special for is the first physical game show where it isn’t how fast you complete the course, instead its all about keeping clean and pristine if you want to take home the cash.

Set against a backdrop of immaculate white rooms, two couples compete in fiendish wet paint covered games where their mission is to remain absolutely spotless.

Cutting edge movie cameras will follow the action using high-tech super-slow motion, meaning us viewers will be able to see every drop of the dreaded paint in vivid detail.

Can the players keep it clean? Or will the flying neon paint cover them in shame and dash their dreams of taking home the cash prize.

After every game the iconic Spotless Scanner determines exactly how "spotless" the players really are by using never-before-seen 3D scanning technology that can detect a dot of paint less than 1 millimetre in circumference. High-tech meets high drama as the scanner will reveal the winners, and literally dish the dirt.

ITV say the series will include "great characters" and "amazing visuals" that make for a "feel good summer special".

Spotless airs at 7:15PM tonight on ITV.

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