ITV day time game show Rebound is coming back for a second series


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The bar is back! ITV Daytime has re-commissioned a second series of Rebound, hosted by Good Morning Britain’s Sean Fletcher.

A fast paced, quick-fire game where speed and knowledge equal money, Series 1 of Rebound made its debut in August 2015.

Inspired by the bleep test, each episode sees six players challenged to think fast in order to defeat their rival opponents during a variety of Q&A battles, all before the feared ‘Rebound Bar’ flies across the studio floor and eliminates them from the game. The faster the players correctly answer, the more money they will earn.

Series 2 will air later this year and consist of 20 new episodes.

Host Sean Fletcher commented: “As soon as I heard the concept behind Rebound, I knew we were onto a winner, and my initial feelings were completely confirmed when we started recording the first series. So to be rebounding back with a second series is fantastic. I'm incredibly excited to be quiz master as a new set of contestants attempt to beat each other and the bar. There's something mesmeric about the game’s giant bar which piles the pressure on the competitors. It's going to be gripping, dramatic, and fun.”

“The bar is back and it’s a more formidable opponent than ever! We are so pleased that Rebound is ricocheting back to ITV for a second series of more tense and challenging gameplay,” added Suzy Lamb, Head of Entertainment, Thames and Executive Producer, Rebound.

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