Up Late With Rylan viewing figures hit a high after three episodes

Up Late With Rylan Ep 1

Ratings for Up Late With Rylan's first week on Channel 5 hit a high last night.

Rylan Clark-Neal's new chat show, which airs Monday-Thursday nights at 11PM, kicked off at the start of the week.

The opening episode had a perhaps underwhelming 235,000 viewers, although Rylan himself admitted it was a bit of a a mess.

"Monday night - I hated it, I'm not going to lie," he said on This Morning on Wednesday. "Because everything was brand new. The set - everything went wrong.

"I brushed up against the wall - it was that new, I got gold paint up my arm for the first part and people rushing in and wiping me! Yesterday, we watched the show back - Monday, it was a TX pilot really."

Ratings then dropped for Tuesday's instalment to 170,000 but last night they climbed up to 330,000 viewers, just a little below the average for Channel 5 in that slot.

On tonight's show will be Geordie Shore' Marnie Simpson, Mel B, Melvin Odoom and Rickie Haywood Williams, plus music from WSTRN.

It's the final episode of the week but there will be a best bits special on Friday nights.

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