Deal Or No Deal's latest £250,000 winner narrowly avoids LOSING the lot

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A 74-year-old woman narrowly missed out on LOSING her £250,000 prize on Deal Or No Deal after The Banker gave her a second chance at risking it.

On today's edition of the Channel 4 gameshow - which sees contestants open boxes to eliminate 22 varying amounts of money - retired Ann made it to her final round with a measly 50p and a huge £250,000 left on her board.

She turned down an offer of £64,000, instead choosing to take the amount in her own box - and thankfully opened it to find the £250,000.

However, her game wasn't over there, as the 'Box 23' twist - introduced last year - gave her a shot of doubling it to £500,000, or losing it all.

The audience audibly shrieked when Ann said 'deal' to Box 23 - only to add: "Oh... no deal, sorry."

Presenter Noel Edmonds initially said he was "duty bound" to accept her first answer - but in an uncharacteristic show of generosity from the anonymous Banker, he called the studio phone and said 'winning is the most important thing to him, as long as it's fair and square'.

Much to Ann's relief, he gave her a second chance to deliver her decision, and this time she gave a firm 'no deal'. It was just as well, as Noel opened Box 23 to reveal it contained 'nothing' - meaning she'd have lost her entire jackpot.

Ann profusely thanked the Banker - while Noel said it had been "one of the most amazing hours of my whole life".

Ann is the eighth person to win the £250,000 top prize in Deal Or No Deal's ten-year history. The show airs every weekday at 1.10pm on Channel 4.

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