Pointless executive producer: "Mobile app draws you in"

Studio of BBC One gameshow Pointless

James Fox, executive producer of BBC One's Pointless, has told TellyMix that the gameshow's new mobile app is a 'natural' extension to its brand.

Endemol UK, the company behind the show, today announced the launch of a new game allowing giving users the chance to test their Pointless knowledge.

Their aim is to score fewer points than their opponents by giving more obscure answers to questions. The app includes both one and two-player modes, with the latter allowing users to challenge friends via email or Facebook.

Speaking to us when we went behind the scenes of Pointless in December, Fox said the app was something they 'needed' to do, despite bosses previously insisting that one would never be made.

"I think it's such a playalong game to watch on TV that it's an incredibly natural thing to do," he commented.

"Obviously we have the board game and the travel game, but in the development of the app, we found ourselves playing along and we think that's a good sign because at heart we're all quizzers and gamers. If it can draw us in at that stage it feels like there will be an audience for it out there, and I think generally that seems to be where us and many other shows need to go.

Fox continued: "We also make The Million Pound Drop and that in its own way kind of revolutionised how that link works between watching TV and playing on your iPhone, iPad, whatever it might be.

"It feels like now with these longer running daytime shows we can use some of our learnings from that to create a really good experience."

Pointless is one of the BBC's most popular programmes, attracting up to five million viewers for its weekdaily editions and seven million for its Saturday night celebrity specials.

The broadcaster recently announced that it has been recommissioned for three more series consisting of 228 episodes.

The Pointless mobile game, priced at £1.49, is now available for iOS from the Apple App Store. Endemol says an Android version is 'coming soon'.

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