Endemol launches mobile app for BBC One gameshow Pointless

Pointless app

The official mobile game for hit BBC One gameshow Pointless has been officially launched today by producers Endemol UK.

Starring cartoon versions of the show's hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, the app challenges users to find obscure answers to subjects that they think will score fewer points than their opponents.

It features a one player mode, as well as a two-player mode allowing users to go head-to-head with other Pointless fans via Facebook, email or at random.

Over 900 questions have been included, with hints and reveals dubbed 'Pointless Pointers' available as in-app purchases.

Armstrong said: "For ages people have been asking me why there isn't a Pointless app and I always had to make up some sort of answer ("because of non-alignment of data across territories" - that one always worked better than "it's because of the beavers").

"Anyway now I don't have to make stuff up anymore because the Pointless app… is HERE! Hooray! And it's really, really good! Double hooray!"

Osman added: "The new Pointless app is a great way for fans of the show to compete against each other and their friends, testing their knowledge of little known facts and figures. They might even get to play against me… if they do then I hope they will respectfully let me win."

The Pointless app is available for iOS from the Apple App Store for £1.49, with an Android version expected to follow shortly.

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