Sky launches NOW TV internet telly service

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Telly makers Sky have launched a new on demand service that will allow viewers to access their entire catalogue of movies online, without a subscription.

NOW TV, which went live last Tuesday, allows film fans to access all of Sky's exclusive movies online and on demand, paying either a monthly fee or a one-off fee for each movie accessed.

And in good news for us telly addicts, Sky will soon be expanding the service to include its football and entertainment channels, meaning all of Sky's great content will be available regardless of whether you're a subscriber.

It means that great Sky Atlantic exclusives such as Blue Bloods and Broadwalk Empire will be available to watch online.

For now, you can sign up for a 'Movies Pass', price at £15.99, which gives unlimited access to all of the movies airing on Sky's movie channels, updated weekly.

There's also a huge range of new DVD releases and older films available, with fees of 99p to £3.49 to watch.

As it stands the service is available online, through your Xbox and selected Android devices.

But NOW TV will soon be accessible from your iPhone and iPad, Playstation and even Lord Sugar's new YouView setup box.

We got the chance to play around with the service last week and were pretty impressed.

The downside is with so many films available at your fingertips, you may find that work gets put aside!

> Sign up for a 30 Day free trial at

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