ITV set to offer Harry Hill £4 million deal to keep him on the channel

Harry Hill's TV Burp

ITV1 bosses are so keen to keep Harry Hill on the channel that they're set to offer him a deal worth up to £4 million.

The comic has already announced plans to end TV Burp after its current series finishes in March, but ITV want to air new shows with the bald funny man in charge.

According to the Daily Mirror, TV executives have told to keep him “at any cost”, after reports claimed he was set to move to Channel 4.

“The reason ITV want to keep Harry and especially TV Burp is not just the high ratings it gets but the type of people that watch the show," a source told the newspaper.

They continued: "TV Burp gets audience members who don’t always watch ITV and would normally tune into BBC2 or Channel 4 so the advertisers love it.”

But in a statement to the tabloid, ITV said: “ITV does not sell its airtime against individual programmes but across access to different audiences and ratings. Therefore this speculative figure, attributed to a single series in our schedule, is completely inaccurate.”

They went on to confirm they had “not ruled out” TV Burp returning to ITV in the future.

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