Life of There's Something About Miriam star Miriam Rivera explored in Channel 4 documentary

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Channel 4 has announced a three-part documentary series telling the story of Miriam Rivera.

It will explore the life of Miriam who rose to fame after appearing in controversial 2004 reality TV series There’s Something About Miriam.

Provisionally titled Miriam: Death of a Reality Star, three hour-long episodes will detail “her life, her death, and her extraordinary legacy”.

Channel 4 share: “Using Miriam’s own voice and words throughout, the series will restore Miriam as the star of her own story: a trans trailblazer who remains an icon for many in the transgender community.

“In a crowded field, 2004’s There’s Something About Miriam stood out as one of the most controversial reality shows of the early noughties. Set in a luxury Ibiza Villa, six unsuspecting men went head-to-head to win the heart of Miriam Rivera, a stunning supermodel from Mexico. It was only at the end of the final episode that Miriam revealed to the boys: ‘I was born as a man’.

“What followed was global infamy and a tabloid savaging, and fifteen years later Miriam was tragically found dead in her mother’s apartment in an apparent, (though disputed), suicide.

“Miriam: Death of a Reality Star: is set against the backdrop of an extraordinary time in television history, this series will look at Miriam’s life before, during and after reality TV fame.”

The series will be produced by Expectation Entertainment and Executive Produced by Colin Barr.

Barr commented: “Miriam’s story is a fable for the ages, not only shining a light on the perils of fame but our shifting attitudes to towards gender identity.

“This series is a chance to restore Miriam’s reputation as a true pioneer who was ahead of her time but was made to pay a heavy price for it.”

Alisa Pomeroy, Head of Documentaries at Channel 4, added: “Using popular culture as a lens to explore contemporary history has become something of a hallmark for c4 Documentaries, a lineage that started with our multi award-winning Jade: The Reality Star who Changed Britain.

“But Miriam’s story is particularly special and revealing as it’s one that is utterly unique to its time. Hers is a tale that couldn’t have pre-existed the early noughties, reminding us of a time that – although only 20 years ago – now feels lightyears away in terms of attitudes and representation.”

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