Silent Witness 2022 start date confirmed for new series on BBC One

Silent Witness air date - when is it back on TV?
Genesis Lynea Silent Witness cast

Silent Witness is back for a new series in 2022- when does it start on TV?

The hugely popular drama Silent Witness is back to celebrate its 25th series

The longest-running crime drama currently airing on TV returns with six thrilling new episodes to BBC One and iPlayer.

When does Silent Witness start?

Silent Witness’s new series will begin on TV on Monday, 23 May 2022 at 9PM and continue on Tuesday, 24 May.

As well as watching on TV, episodes will be available to watch online via iPlayer.

The series is the 25th to air on BBC One and will see the dramatic return of Amanda Burton as Sam Ryan.

Amanda first appeared as Sam in 1996, starring in 54 episodes before leaving in 2004, when her character returned home to Northern Ireland to be with her family.

Returning to the cast for the new series are Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander, David Caves as Jack Hodgson and Genesis Lynea as Dr Simone Tyler.

The new series opens in Liverpool with an assassination attempt and Sam Ryan calling on the Lyell team with a plea for help seventeen years after leaving the Lyell.

A teaser shares: “Sam seeks to usher in democratic health care, but the shooting of the Health Secretary and Sam’s husband pulls Dr Nikki Alexander, Jack Hodgson and Simone Tyler into a world of duplicity, intrigue and betrayal.

“When the credibility of DNA testing is challenged, the bedrock of forensic science is called into question. Now uncertain of who or what they can trust, the Lyell team’s investigation draws them into confrontations with echoes of their personal histories, which threaten to unravel their present.”

Emilia Fox reveals of the opening episode: “We follow on from the end of series 24 and Nikki has spent the night at Jack’s house, it’s the beginning of their relationship.

“She gets a call from Sam asking for help and Nikki is trying to work out why she’s specifically asked the Lyell team. Sam’s company is working on health passporting, which is such a big subject in real life at the moment.”

On the return of Amanda as Sam, she added: “It’s wonderful that we’re celebrating with Amanda. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her. It’s her legacy we live with. Sam is such a pioneering figure. Back then, female leads were few and far between.

“Going into Silent Witness, I felt that there was no way I could take over from Amanda, but the producers said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll take it in a different direction.’ The thing I feel so proud about is the way the show has evolved. But it all started with Amanda and Sam Ryan.”

For now, past series of Silent Witness are available to catch-up on BBC iPlayer here.

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