This is MY House to return to BBC One for second series

This Is My House ep1

This is MY House will return to BBC One for a second series, it's been confirmed.

This is MY House sees four people walk into a home and say, "This Is MY House". The catch, only one of them is telling the truth.


A panel of celebrities are tasked with sussing out which “homeowner” is telling the truth and which are the actors.

The guessing game debuted earlier this year and now the BBC has announced an extended second series of 10 episodes.

The BBC say the first series averaged just under 3 million viewers and proved popular among younger audiences and on social media too.

Richard Bacon, Creator and Executive Producer said: "I loved seeing the way the audience responded to the show. Especially on social media as it was happening. It’s given me the confidence to lean right into the absurd humour this time. Also, I’m proud of the fact it did so well with young audiences."

Pinki Chambers, Commissioning Editor at the BBC commented: "We all loved This is MY House – so it’s really exciting that it’ll be back on BBC One with a whole new team of imposters and homeowners battling it out to prove that they are as embedded in their surroundings as the crumbs down the back of the sofa. It’s the guessing game that promises a lot of head-scratching and humour."

Tom Whitrow, Executive Producer Expectation added: "We are thrilled to be making the second series of This is My House for BBC One. We will be dedicating ourselves to building on the success of series one but this time expect more amazing houses, more bizarre humour and tougher gameplay!"

The second series of This Is MY House is set to be broadcast on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in 2022. You can apply to take part in the series by emailing


For now you can catch up on the first series online via BBC iPlayer here.

Pictured: Episode 1 of This Is MY House

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