Shows like Celebrity Juice 'could face axe' as ITV2 look to shake up schedule

celebrity juice

Panel shows like Celebrity Juice could be at risk of the axe from ITV2.

The channel has revealed it is looking to shake up its schedule with new types of programming, describing panel shows as 'old fashioned'.


Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, ITV2 boss Paul Mortimer said it was looking to make changes in a bid to keep younger audiences coming back.

He said (via the Daily Mirror): "They [panel shows] are as old as television if you think about it, we reinvent them, from Shooting Stars through to Celebrity Juice, they’re nothing like the panel show of

"It’s one of those where the host greets you, you know what you’re going to get, you’re introduced to this week's panel and at the end of the episode they wave goodbye and it’s, 'see you next week'.

"That’s old grammar, that’s old language. It’s not the way to talk to younger audiences. It also makes closed episodic content like that miss-able."

The channel chief added: "If there’s a hook at the end of a great drama and you desperately need to see episode two and you don’t want to wait, make it available and give it to audiences in the way they have come to expect things."

Celebrity Juice host Keith Lemon recently said he was unsure of the show's future.

He told the Daily Star: "I might have to get a real job. Hopefully, we’ll be back next year. If not, it’s been a good ride and we’ve had a good time."

ITV2 has recently announced a raft of new shows to air over the coming months.


They include coming-of-age drama Tell Me Everything, the channel's first original drama in ten years.

Also announced this week is a new documentary series with Olivia Attwood and a fly on the wall series following a group of young people in Peckham.

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