Celebrity Jucie host Keith Lemon wants Cheryl Cole on the show!

Keith Lemon (Sing If You Can)

Celebrity Juice star Keith Lemon has said he wants to get Cheryl Cole and Adele onto the show, saying that the X Factor judge's star has fallen after she was booted off of the US show.

Speaking to heat magazine this week, Keith, Holly and Fearne chat about their ideal guests for the wacky ITV2 series.

"Well, Kate and William said no. We wanted to do a royal wedding special," Holly reveals.

Keith suggest: "Cheryl Cole would be good now her star’s fallen after she got booted off The X Factor. I’d like her to come on. I’d like Adele to come on, too. I think she’s f**king fit. She’s lost a bit of timber as well. I imagined me going out with her and it totally worked out. We had kids together and everything."

The trio also took part in a rather dazzling photo shoot for the interview, as Holly and Fearne become Keith's magic assistants.

Celebrity Juice Heat

But despite Holly's daytime appeal, Kieth reveals: "What I like about Holly is that she gets incredibly drunk like a tramp."

"She’s really honest when she’s drunk – you get to see the real Holly. When you see her on telly, it’s all a façade. She’s not girl-next-door, she’s rebellious. She’s Britney Spears at her worst. The thing I like best about Fearne is that she’s got a warm heart and she’ll do anything for charity. She’d put s**t in a pitta and eat it for charity. She wouldn’t care if it all got in her teeth."

The full feature appears in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now. Celebrity Juice, ITV2 10pm, every Thursday.

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