What are the chances of that happening? Harry Hill quits TV Burp after nine years!


What will we watch on our Saturday evenings now? Top ITV1 comic Harry Hill will apparently leave his top show TV Burp after the current series. Harry is back for one last stint on the week’s telly from October 8, but it'll be the last time on the channel.

According to The Sun, Harry quit the show due to its "punishing schedule" which had "put his personal life under too much strain."

A source blabbed to the newspaper: "Harry kept telling people how much he hated doing it but they thought he was joking. He wasn't."

Harry has previously confessed: "It is a drag. One year I did 21 shows — most series are only eight. At the end of it I was completely mental.

"I do dread making the show. Watching TV is all-consuming."

A spokesperson however insisted: "Harry has a lot of commitments in the next year, but a final decision has not yet been reached."

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