How's Your Head, Hun? Marc Jacobs and Celeste Barber join Michelle Visage

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The latest episode of Michelle Visage’s How’s Your Head, Hun? will feature guests Marc Jacobs and Celeste Barber.

The new eight-part series is available online via BBC iPlayer with new episodes every Tuesday at 6AM UK time.


In this week’s fourth episode, Michelle vows that she’s not going to let Miss Rona get in the way of the important events in her life. So she’s tying up loose ends left and right.

Lockdown fashion, creativity and expression during lockdown are themes that Michelle explores with her friend and fashion ingenue Marc Jacobs who reflects on how his head has been during lockdown.

Marc shares: “My head feels okay! I’ve been fearful, sad, hopeful… I’m just feeling it all!”

He adds: “My creative thoughts in quarantine have been veering more toward the charitable. I’m thinking more about creative solutions on how to give back instead of what the next fashion show would look like.”

Australian comedian Celeste Barber also joins Michelle for a chat about how lockdown is treating her Down Under.

Celeste says: “It’s hard with little kids! I’ve got a six and an eight-year-old and they’re a bit like, ‘this is crazy, what’s going on?!” They also play a game of who’s laziest in lockdown. It’s neck and neck. Coronavirus be damned!

Meanwhile, as Michelle has an autoimmune condition, Hashimotos, venturing out of the house has felt especially daunting. She’s putting her anxiety on hold, popping on her finest face mask and doing her best not to cry as she attends her daughter Lola’s self-distancing high school graduation.


Also, another big event for Michelle is returning to work for the virtual grand finale of the US series of Drag Race, and so with the guidance of her makeup assistant from afar, Michelle dolls up and attends her ‘at-home studio’ also known as her walk-in-wardrobe.

BBC Three’s How’s Your Head, Hun? is available now on BBC iPlayer, running for eight episodes.

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