How's Your Head, Hun? Keith Lemon, Alex Scott and Leah Remini join Michelle Visage

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The latest episode of Michelle Visage’s How’s Your Head, Hun? will feature guests Keith Lemon, Alex Scott and Leah Remini.

The new eight-part series is available online via BBC iPlayer with new episodes every Tuesday at 6AM UK time.


In this week’s third episode, Michelle chats with comedian Keith Lemon about the appeal of crafting in a pandemic.

Keith says: “I think it’s lovely how you can have a pile of nothing and turn it into something. I’ve just gotten a sewing machine in lockdown and I’ve been making homemade face masks. I thought it’d be nice to look like Brad Pitt so I made a Brad Pitt facemask. I also made a TeenWolf one!”

Meanwhile, Michelle’s Strictly pal footballer, Alex Scott rings to talk about lockdown life, her ambitious workouts and to confess how BBC Three’s Normal People has had a profound effect upon her love life. Alex also shares her newfound appreciation of weekends during lockdown.

Alex says: “Before this, I never knew what living for the weekend was. People always talk about ‘I can’t wait for the weekend!’

“Being an athlete, I didn’t have weekends as that would be when my games were on or when I would be on TV. Now I’m living for the weekends! I like to get a takeaway pizza with a glass of wine.”

As for herself, Michelle is keen to learn new skills during lockdown, and has taken up an online Italian course. It’s not quite as easy as she thought so she calls upon her Strictly dance partner, Giovanni Pernice of Team VisaGio, to help her out a little – and in a shock exclusive takes his top off!

The latest instalment also sees Michelle check in with her best friend, King of the Hill, actress Leah Remini, while attempting to make headway on the treadmill.

Leah laments: “There are people who are getting six packs and eight packs and using this time wisely… not so much us!”


Finally, Michelle gives us a lesson in indoors S’mores with Lola and David grapples with all the filming of Michelle’s show, whilst self-assembling a flat pack cupboard for her large collection of spectacles.

BBC Three’s How’s Your Head, Hun? is available now on BBC iPlayer, running for eight episodes.

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