Code 404 series 2 confirmed after show becomes Sky's biggest comedy launch in eight years

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Sky original Code 404 will be back for a second series, it's been announced.

Code 404 is a comedy based on a crime fighting duo and an experimental A.I. project set in the near future, starring Stephen Graham, Daniel Mays and Anna Maxwell Martin.


The six-part series launched in full on Sky One and NOW TV on April 29 and has become Sky’s biggest comedy launch in eight years.

Just under 2 million viewers watched the opening episode in the first seven days with 360,000 binging the entire series before the second episode aired on TV.

Jon Mountague, Director of Comedy at Sky Studios said: “We’re blown away by the love our customers have shown Code 404. The winning combo of Stephen Graham, Daniel Mays and Anna Maxwell Martin has proven a force to be reckoned with and we’re ecstatic to be working on the second series.

“Code 404 becomes the latest in an exceptionally strong run of original British comedies on Sky One including Brassic 2, Breeders, Intelligence, The Trip, Avenue 5 and Hitmen. We’re privileged to be tickling the UK’s funny bone right now.”

Code 404 is the latest in a run of hit original comedies on Sky One launching with 1m+ audiences including Brassic (1.67m), Avenue 5 (1.5m), Bounty Hunters (1.4m), In the Long Run (1.3m), Intelligence (1.2m) and Breeders (1.13m).


Alongside Stephen Graham, Daniel Mays and Anna Maxwell Martin, Code 404's supporting cast includes Amanda Payton, Steve Oram, Emily Lloyd-Saini, Michelle Greenidge, and Richard Pepple.

All episodes of Code 404 are available immediately online via streaming service NOW TV.

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