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BBC One drama The Split is back for series 2 - when does it start, who's on the cast and what's it all about?

First airing on BBC One in 2018, The Split is a drama set in the fast-paced, messy world of London’s high-end divorce circuit.

A brand new second series of six episodes started on Tuesday, February 11 at 9PM on BBC One. Episodes continue weekly on Tuesdays.

You can watch episodes online via BBC iPlayer here while a DVD boxset of Series 2 is available to pre-order here.

The Split cast

  • Hannah... Nicola Walker
  • Nathan... Stephen Mangan
  • Nina... Annabel Scholey
  • Christie... Barry Atsma
  • Ruth... Deborah Findlay
  • Rose... Fiona Button
  • James... Rudi Dharmalingam
  • Fi... Donna Air
  • Richie... Ben Bailey-Smith


The Split spoilers

At the end of the first series, Hannah Stern’s (Nicola Walker) formerly rock-solid marriage was beginning to crack following the devastating revelation of Nathan’s (Stephen Mangan) affair.

For the sisters, joy turned to tragedy when their estranged father Oscar (Anthony Head) passed away the night of Rose's (Fiona Button) wedding to James (Rudi Dharmalingam). Struggling with the grief of losing her father for the second time in her life, and with Christie (Barry Atsma) having made his feelings for her clear, Hannah was torn between her past and the promise of a different future.

In series two, Hannah faces relationship problems of her own. Although her marriage to Nathan seems to be back on track, she can’t forgive Nathan for his past indiscretions, and is continuing her relationship with Christie in secret. Will Hannah take a course which could result in the end of her marriage, or can she in fact have it all?

While pressure mounts in her personal life, at work, Hannah meets a new client, TV presenter Fi Hansen (Donna Air), who needs help escaping her marriage to music producer Richie Hansen (Ben Bailey Smith).

One half of the UK’s most powerful celebrity couples, Fi was locked into an aggressive NDA by her husband when she was young and naive. Fi now wants out of her marriage, and hires Hannah to help her leave her dangerously coercive and manipulative partner.

But their divorce is set to be all the things the press love - public and messy.

As the glossy veneer of the couple's meticulously constructed public image is peeled away, and the pain that lies behind brand Hansen is slowly revealed, Hannah must invest more than just her billable hours in helping Fi reclaim her life.

Meanwhile, Rose and James return from their honeymoon with ambitions to start their own family, and Nina teeters on the edge, as the consequences of her erratic behaviour finally catch up with her.

In Episode 2 tonight (February 18), Hannah feels increasingly stressed by the double life she is leading with Christie - as Nathan’s (Stephen Mangan suspicions are raised.

Hannah’s absence at home starts to affect the children, who need their parents’ attentions more than ever.

At work, Hannah deals with a divorce petition for the wife of a romantic novelist, and begins to equip Fi Hansen for her separation from husband Richie, negotiating a complex case within the midst of a media storm.

Meanwhile, Rose deals with the devastation of her miscarriage, Nina comes to terms with her surprise pregnancy, and Ruth (Deborah Findlay) reconnects with someone from her past.

The Split airs Tuesday nights on BBC One from 9PM.

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