Apply for Hunted: Applications for the next Channel 4 series open now

Hunted applications for Channel 4

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Hunted is back and applications for Series 6 are now open.

The real-life thriller sees ordinary people go on the run from a team of expert hunters. Where will they hide? Who can they trust? What would YOU do?


Pursued by an elite group of determined ex-military, law enforcement and security forces, the fugitives need to survive for 25 days relying on their networks and the kindness of strangers if they are to have any chance of winning a share of £100,000.

Apply for Hunted 2021

To apply for Hunted you must be 18 or over (as of 11 May, 2021) and be free to be away from home and work for between four and six weeks.

You can apply as a solo contestant or as part of a group.

To apply online click here, where you'll be asked to fill out a form and upload a short video introducing yourself and telling the casting team why you'd like to go on the run.

At the time of writing, the closing date for online applications is midnight on 12 June 2021.

The latest series of Hunted aired last March on Channel 4.

A mum on the run, a 78 year old grandfather with a mysterious past and a couple of childhood sweethearts wereamongst ten ordinary British citizens being pursued by an elite group of determined ex-military, law enforcement and security forces.

For the first time, the fugitives have been stripped of all personal belongings and money – all they have is the clothes on their backs.

Their first challenge is to identify the unknown city they’ve been dropped in and escape the all-seeing eye of the helicopter hunting them from above.


You can watch episodes online and catch up via the All4 player.

Series 6 of Hunted is expected to air in 2021.

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