Silent Witness 2020 cast and spoilers from the brand new series

Silent Witness series 23 cast, spoilers and number of episodes, how to watch online

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Silent Witness is back with its 23rd series on BBC One tonight - who's on the cast and what's going on this time around?

BBC's Silent Witness continues its new 10-part run from 9PM this evening (January 21).

The longest running British crime drama currently airing on TV, the series follows a team of forensic pathologists helping police solve murders using clues found on the bodies of the victims - the silent witnesses.

Emilia Fox (Dr Nikki Alexander), Richard Lintern (Dr Thomas Chamberlin), David Caves (Jack Hodgson) and Liz Carr (Clarissa Mullery) return as the dynamic Lyell unit, for five new topical thrilling two-part contemporary stories set against the familiar landscapes of London.

Silent Witness spoilers

In this week's latest two-part story, the body of a woman - later identified as Jenny - is found on train tracks in London, badly damaged from electrical burns. On the mortuary slab, the woman’s recent and historic injuries suggest years of abuse, likely within the home.

It’s a difficult post mortem for Nikki, as she is troubled by memories from her childhood.

In part two (airing tonight, Tuesday, January 21), Nikki determines that Jenny must have died before making contact with the tracks. But when the search for Jenny’s killer hits a wall, her friends at the women’s refuge seek answers.

Meanwhile Thomas’s political ambitions lead him to make friends in high places. Offers are made to open all the right doors for Thomas, but what do they want in return?

You can watch episodes for free online and catch up (for UK viewers) via the BBC iPlayer here.

Silent Witness airs tonight, on Tuesday, January 21 at 9PM. The next episodes air on Monday, January 27 and Tuesday, January 28 at 9PM.

Other episodes in the series will see the Lyell Centre battle to uncover the truth behind a body in the concrete pillar of a car park and deal with scientific research gone wrong.

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