Sitting In Limbo cast and air date of new BBC One drama

Sitting In Limbo 2020 cast

sitting in limbo cast

New BBC One feature drama Sitting In Limbo arrives tonight on BBC One - when does it start and who's on the cast?

Written by Stephen S. Thompson, Sitting In Limbo is based on the true story of his brother Anthony Bryan and his personal struggle to be accepted as a British Citizen during the Windrush immigration scandal.


Sitting In Limbo will air at 8:30PM on Monday, June 8 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

A synopsis for the 90-minute drama reads: "After living in the UK since he was eight years old, Anthony decides to visit his elderly mother in Jamaica.

"He has never held, or needed, a passport before and while filling out the paperwork at the Passport Office he is stunned to discover that there is no record of him as a British Citizen, despite having lived in the country since 1965.

"With the onus on him to prove his British citizenship to the Immigration Office, Anthony finds himself stuck in limbo, forced to leave his job and unable to claim benefits.


"In the early hours of a Sunday morning, Anthony is forcibly removed from his home and detained as an illegal immigrant. The devastation that ensues puts Anthony at the centre of what has now become known as the Windrush scandal."

Stephen said: “Like everyone caught up in the Windrush scandal, Anthony has been severely traumatised by the experience. It has badly affected his confidence and left him questioning his very identity.

"As his brother, I saw what he went through first-hand. I couldn’t bear the idea that he had suffered in vain and it made me determined to tell his story. For me, this is personal.”

Sitting In Limbo cast

Patrick Robinson (Casualty, The Bill, Mount Pleasant) and Nadine Marshall (Save Me, National Treasure, The Innocents) will lead the drama as Anthony and Janet Bryan.

Pippa Bennett Warner (MotherFatherSon, Harlots) will play Patrick’s daughter Eileen, CJ Beckford (Small Island, The Trial Of Christine Keeler) will play her brother Gary and Corinne Skinner Carter (EastEnders, Calling the Shots) will play Patrick’s mother, Lucille.


Further casting includes Andrew Dennis, Jay Simpson, Jane Wood, Joy Richardson, Elliot Edusah, Simon Lenagan, Tim Preece, Paul Bridle, Michael Workeye, Zachary Hart, Ian Drysdale, Leo Wringer, James Woolley, Clara Oneyemere, Eddie Osei, Sarah Woodward, Steve Edwin, Suzanne Packer, Florisa Kamara and Taija Bryan.

Sitting In Limbo will air at 8:30PM on Monday, June 8 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.