Plebs 2019 start date, cast and spoilers from series 5

Plebs series 5 air date, number of episodes and how to watch online

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Series 5 of Plebs is on its way to ITV2 - from the start date to the cast, here's all you need to know.

First airing in 2013, Plebs follows the young residents of ancient Rome and has proved a huge hit with viewers.

Series 5 will feature eight new episodes and plenty of all star cameos.

Plebs 2019 cast

Series 5 will welcome the return lead characters Marcus (Tom Rosenthal), his feckless slave Grumio (Ryan Sampson) and their chirpy chum Jason (Jon Pointing), as they continue their Roman adventures in the BAFTA-nominated sitcom.

The episodes will see the gang gate-crashing a banquet, pursuing an illegal archaeological dig, embarking on a wine-buying trip to Tuscany and befriending a firm of chariot hooligans.

Furthering the show’s reputation for stellar cameo cast, this series sees the three landlords of the Crown & Toga encounter new characters played by Amanda Holden & Tracy Ann Oberman (a pair of high-society aristocrats), Tony Robinson (an archaeologist!), John Thomson (a school PE teacher), Kevin Bishop (Jason’s brother), Leo Gregory (chariot hooligan) and Christopher Biggins (escort agent).

Speaking about her time on the show, Amanda Holden said: “It’s very funny, really well written and there’s great chemistry between all the characters. Being a part of something like that, even in a small way, is such a dream job for me.”

Blackadder star Tony Robinson added: “[Being in Plebs] brings back memories of working with other actors like Rowan and Rik on comic timing, and when you’ve got those old costumes on you know there's humour to be mined. Tom, Ryan and Jon give such good performances, they’re just good actors.”

Plus, returning cast include Tom Basden (Aurelius), Karl Theobald (Landlord), Maureen Lipman (Landlady) and Ellie Taylor (Gloria).

Plebs series 5 start date

Plebs has been confirmed to return to ITV2 for eight new 30 minute episodes at the end of September although an exact air date has yet to be announced.

For now you can catch up on the past four series by watching online or getting the show on DVD from Amazon.

Sam Leifer, writer and director of Plebs, said of the upcoming series: “Last series ended with the boys’ wine-bar The Crown and Toga engulfed in flames. But like the Emperor Nero, they’ve given the place a minor refurb and cracked on, which is lucky really, cos we had a few more storylines set there.

"For series 5, we’ve finally hit the year 23BC which makes very little difference to our plebs. We’re delighted with how it’s turned out though and are excited for people to see the new episodes.”

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