Keeping Faith 2019 cast and spoilers from series 2 of BBC drama

Keeping Faith series 2 cast, number of episodes and how to watch online

keeping faith series 2

Series 2 of Keeping Faith is currently airing on BBC One - here's all you need to know.

From the confirmed 2019 cast to how to catch up on Series 1, here's all about Keeping Faith on BBC One.

The first series told the story of lawyer, wife and mother Faith (played by Eve Myles) as she fought to find the truth behind the sudden disappearance of her husband, Evan (Bradley Freegard).

Keeping Faith spoilers

Series two picks up 18 months after the events of the latest series.

Faith is drawn into a new mystery as she takes on the case of Madlen Vaughan, a local farmer accused of murdering her husband in cold blood. The murder trial, the prospect of Evan’s imminent release from prison, and her conflicted emotions towards former criminal Steve Baldini push her to breaking point.

She puts her children, her business and her life on the line to search for the truth and finally emerges scarred yet stronger.

In Episode 4 tonight (August 13), As Evan’s release from prison draws closer, Faith battles with conflicting emotions at home.

Megan is over the moon at the thought of her father coming home, but Arthur is worried and Alys is utterly inconsolable. And Faith has Steve on her mind.

Meanwhile, Gael Reardon continues to cast a dark shadow, insisting Faith lead the deal with Corran Energy and questioning Steve on his motives. Gael also has Evan in her sights, and tells Faith that he’s spineless.

While the investigation into the body found on the beach continues, DI Breeze continues to put pressure on Evan. Breeze wants Gael - and if he can’t get her he’ll go after Faith.

And as Madlen’s fate is revealed, a call from PC Williams delivers an unwelcome new lead in the case.

When does Keeping Faith series 2 air?

Keeping Faith series 2 airs Tuesday nights at 9PM on BBC One having started on Tuesday 23 July.

You can catch up on series one in full either on DVD or online streaming from Amazon.

UK licence fee payers can also catch up for free on iPlayer now.

Keeping Faith cast

  • Faith Howells... Eve Myles
  • Evan Howells... Bradley Freegard
  • Steve Baldini... Mark Lewis Jones
  • Tom Howells... Aneirin Hughes
  • Delyth Lloyd... Suzanne Packer
  • Cerys Jones... Hannah Daniel
  • Marion Howells... Rhian Morgan
  • Arthur Davies... Alex Harries
  • PC Susan Williams... Eiry Thomas
  • Gael Reardon... Anastasia Hille
  • Lisa Connors... Catherine Ayers
  • Madlen Vaughan... Aimee-Ffion Edwards
  • DI Laurence Breeze... Rhashan Stone
  • Saran James... Nia Roberts
  • Anya Flye... Rhian Blythe
  • Shane Reardon... Owen Arwyn
  • Geraint Jernigan... Alun Ap Brinley
  • Emrys Huws... Iestyn Jones
  • Nurse... Carli De La Hughes
  • Jeweller... Billy Hartman
  • Prison officer... Daniel Edwards
  • CPS prosecutor... Matthew Raymond
  • David Maitland QC... Jams Thomas
  • Teacher... Francesca Dimech
  • Swancott QC... Richard Lynch
  • Madog Jones... Rhodri Sion
  • Hannah Lewis... Rebecca Harries
  • Dr Sarah Collins... Crystal Yu
  • Judge Merrick... Steffan Rhodri
  • Gareth Taxi... Morgan Hopkins
  • Rhona Baldini... Beth Robert
  • Ukrainian store owner... Lukasz Biela
  • Newspaper reporter... Miguela Gonzales
  • Diana Steafniuk... Boryana Manoilova
  • Megan Howells... Lacey Jones
  • Alys Howells... Demi Letherby
  • Rhodri Howells... Oscar and Harry Unsworth
  • Angie Baldini... Martha Bright
  • Dyfan Vaughan... Brochan Evans


Keeping Faith series 2 airs on BBC One on Tuesdays.

You'll be able to watch and catch up on episodes online via BBC iPlayer.

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