Take Me Out couple to get married (although they didn't date on the show!)

Take Me Out

A couple who met on ITV1's dating show Take Me Out have become engagement - even though the bloke rejected the girl on the telly programme! Fabian De Fabiani picked another girl to take on a date, but decided to track down one of the other contestants he rejected after "making a mistake".

Fabian had initially rejected Kayleigh Kane on the show in January of this year, but in an interview with The Sun today says he felt he made a mistake.

He said: "I really kicked myself. She was so beautiful.

"You go on it, there are all these lights, the adrenalin is going, and I wasn't as observant as I should have been."

Speaking about initially being rejected by Fabian, Kayleigh told the newspaper: "I was disappointed. I thought he seemed amazing but he didn't look at me once. I think he was too busy showing off."

After the pair met up again they clicked and are now engaged. Kayleigh said: "I didn't think I would be the sort of person who would be engaged to someone I met on TV, but it's just amazing.

"He's gorgeous. And he makes me feel like I'm the only woman in the world. He leaves notes telling me he loves me, a T-shirt that smells of him, and has sent flowers."

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