Travel Man 2019 celebrities and locations in the new series revealed

Travel Man 2019 series 8 cast line up and locations

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Travel Man 2019 is here but where is Richard Ayoade going this year and who's he taking with him?

Richard Ayoade loves travelling and seeing the world - but hates going on holiday.

The average trip is long, boring and stressful for Richard. There must surely be a way of making it more fun, more efficient and less tedious?

Travel Man sees all the boring bits taken out as Richard reveals where we're going wrong by having the most efficient holiday possible.

Every week, Richard is going to be jetting off to exciting locations - but he won't be alone.

In each episode, Richard is joined by a different celebrity travel companion.

With just 48 hours together, Richard will be organising each trip with ruthless efficiency. No dilly-dallying allowed, Richard’s aim is to get maximum holiday value in minimum time.

Travel Man 2019 locations and celebrities

Here's who's on the cast of Travel Man for 2019 for series 8 and where they'll be heading...

Episode 1 - watch online here
In the first episode, comedy goddess Dawn French joins Richard in Athens, cradle of Western civilisation. Their mythic mini-break features doughnuts, the Acropolis, and the thermal waters of Lake Vouliagmeni - rumoured to be the goddess Athena's favourite bathing spot - where they get an exfoliating pedicure from a toothless carp.

Episode 2
Nish Kumar joins Richard Ayoade for a potter round Porto, Portugal's second city. They start their trip with a welcome tipple of the city's eponymous fortified wine. To get their bearings, Richard and Nish hire electric scooters. They refuel with Porto's favourite sandwich, the meaty Francesinha; take on a 5D cinema experience; and are pushed to the boundaries of physical endurance as they climb the ArrĂ¡bida bridge.

Episode 3
Richard Ayoade is joined by Alice Levine - DJ, broadcaster, and podcaster (My Dad Wrote a Porno) - as the pair head off for a 48-hour fling round the Estonian capital Tallinn. Over two maxxed-out days, Richard and Alice rip round the city's most see-able sights, nosh at its top restaurant, and even stroke Sean Connery's face. They head to the top of Estonia's tallest building. Alice gives a masterclass in television presenting.

Episode 4
Episode 4 details to be confirmed.

Travel Man airs at 8:30PM on Monday nights on Channel 4

You can catch up on past episodes and series online here.

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