Trust Me 2019 cast, start time and spoilers from second series

Trust Me series 2 cast, air date and number of episodes

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Trust Me continues tonight on BBC One with its second series - from the cast to first spoilers, here's all you need to know!

Set in a Glasgow hospital, Trust Me follows the story of Corporal Jamie McCain, who is recovering from a spinal injury which has left him paralysed.

But he faces a new enemy when patients on the ward start dying unexpectedly around him. Jamie believes the deaths are suspicious - but unable to move, his investigation is dangerous and difficult.

With everyone in the department hiding a secret, catching a culprit seems like an impossible task. But with Jamie’s behaviour becoming increasingly erratic, is the threat real or imagined?

Trust Me cast 2019

  1. Corporal Jamie McCain, played by Alfred Enoch
  2. Dr. Archie Watson (clinical lead), payed by John Hannah
  3. Debbie Dorrell (head physio), played by Ashley Jensen
  4. Dr. Zoe Wade, played by Katie Clarkson-Hill
  5. Dr. Alex Kiernan, played by Richard Rankin
  6. Dr. Laila Karimi (clinical psychologist), played by Amiera Darwish
  7. Parveen Shankar (pathologist), played by Manjinder Virk
  8. Danny Adams (patient), played by Elliot Cooper

Trust Me spoilers

In tonight's second episode, Jamie (Alfred Enoch) continues to disrupt the unit with his recurring night terrors.

As he obsessively searches for the truth, his behaviour becomes increasingly erratic. Is the threat real or imagined?

The third instalment airs next Tuesday, April 30 at 9PM.

The episode will see Jamie faces up to his past. Meanwhile his investigation drags the staff into their own, unnerving nightmares.

You can catch up and watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer.

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