Dermot O'Leary reveals just why he wanted to host The Marriage Ref!

Dermot O'Leary

It's fair to say that The Marriage Ref has been a bit of a flop for ITV1 and Dermot O'Leary, with the series axed after just the one series after appalling ratings. Speaking to Star magazine this week, Dermot revealed exactly why he decided to take on the show, saying he chased the presenting gig!

With a deal hosting The X Factor reportedly making him millions a year, as well as a primetime radio show on BBC Radio 2, it's not as if Dermot needed the money to raise his profile.

"It's a social show and that's one of the reasons why I took it," the former Big Brother's Little Brother host reveals.

"I was in holiday in American last year and my girlfriend, Dee Koppang, was working out there. I started watching it on telly and I thought: 'If this comes to England then I really, really want to do it'. So I'm lucky because I chased after it."


The hunky telly host, who was snubbed for The X Factor in the USA, admitted he had to be picky about what jobs to accept, but said he liked the idea of hosting The Marriage Ref because it was a less formatted show than the megahit reality series he also hosts.

"There's not much time to do anything else with the radio and X Factor, so when I do take on stuff, I really want to make sure it's the right stuff," Dermot said.

"It's not a formatted show. X Factor is such a brilliant gig and I love it, but it's a formatted show, so I wanted to do something a bit less structured."

The series, which saw a panel of comedians and stars debate the petty problems of married couples, dipped to just 1.7 million viewers on Saturday nights.

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