Trollied producer Ash Atalla talks about his new supermarket based comedy on Sky 1 HD

Trollied (Sky 1)

Producer of Sky 1 HD's new supermarket based comedy Trollied has confessed he's "obsessed" with comedy in the work place, having previously worked on The Office and The IT Crowd. Speaking to the Daily Mail about the new series, Ash said any workplace provided a chance for rich comedy material.

The new 'mockumentary' series launches on Sky 1 HD on August 4 at 9PM.

Talking about coming up with the idea behind the show, Ash explains: "I'm obsessed by the workplace in terms of comedy. There are so many nuances and petty, arbitrary hierarchies that no matter what position you're in, everybody has somebody to look down on, and I love that.


"Somebody who fries the burgers might look down on the person who has to wash the grills"

He continued: "I've been into the people-watching possibilities of supermarkets for quite a long time.

"I like the way people enter supermarkets almost in a trance-like state; they tend to switch off in quite a unique way. And, if you watch the way people move, it's in a very zombified manner, almost like everyone's on sedatives.

"And then there's the staff. In many jobs we have offices and there's a sense of privacy, but if you work in a supermarket, you're on display all the time. They're quite oppressive environments, there's no natural lighting and consisting background noise, it's transient world."

The series - which stars Jane Horrocks and Jason Watkins - follows the lives of the employees of budget supermarket Valco, but Ash insists there's the opportunity for comedy in any work place.

"I think any workplace when you have people taking it very seriously as a career, colliding with people who are just there for a few weeks, it is a rich vein of material for comedy," he said.

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