All Together Now 2019: Meet the singers on The 100

All Together Now 2019: Meet the judges!

All Together Now 2019

All Together Now 2019 starts on BBC One tonight, and here's a look at some of the singers on 'The 100'.

All Together Now is the BBC's latest singing contest, with a £50,000 cash prize up for grabs.

Headed up by Geri Horner of pPice Girls fame, The 100 are made up of specially cast members of the public from across the UK, all with a real mix of music backgrounds and singing credentials.

Each act will perform for The 100, willing them to vote with their voices, and stand up and join in. The greater the number that stand up and sing along, the higher the act’s score.

Geri will be joining them to offer her expert advice as a performer and provide support and encouragement to the contestants.

Meanwhile, Rob Beckett hosts the show which starts at 7:30PM tonight on BBC One with its first episode of the new, second series.

Meet some of The 100...

all together now 2019 the 100 a
Mr Fabulous - Gospel choir director from London. He also runs club nights that allow young singers the chance to perform.
Georg Tormann - Brit School teacher who started his singing life as a choir boy in church.
Lili Davies - Resident at The Coach and Horses, Soho. Romanian-born Lili has been performing in Soho for years, drawing in crowds from far and wide.


all together now 2019 the 100 b
Tina T - Tina is a Tina Turner impersonator with a passion to get the crowd going.
Paulus (Paul L Martin) - Cabaret host who has been working as a cabaret artist for over 25 years and now teaches the art form to others.
Divina De Campo - Drag artist. One of the UK’s biggest drag artists, Divina runs a cabaret bar, KIKI, in Manchester.


all together now 2019 the 100 cb
Milad Shadrooh - The Singing Dentist. Milad is known as The Singing Dentist after he began posting song parodies online gaining a significant following.
Nigel Murfitt - Medieval banquet singer. Nigel plays King Henry VIII five nights a week at the London Medieval Banquet, preforming classical medieval songs.
Talia Mar - A singer, songwriter, YouTuber and online content creator/social media influencer, who studied at The Brit School.


all together now 2019 the 100 d
Celestina - Having initially wanted to be a professional singer, Celestina instead chose to do backing vocals and also joined the London Community Gospel Choir
Ben Papworth - A musical Director working in London and the West End.
Julie - Vocal coach Julie was a professional singer for around 20 years, performing in cabaret shows and performing original music around the UK and abroad.


all together now 2019 the 100 h
Robert - A Musical Theatre Performer, who studied at the London College of Music. Robert has recently performed in Around The World In 80 Days Musical and Wind In The Willows.
Yvette - Has been singing professionally for 20 years. She says that singing and performing is “just in my blood, always has been, always will be, as it’s where I’m happiest".
Rebecca Porter (Becky) - A singer, international Adele Tribute (she can even do the accent!) and also a qualified Music Teacher from Pontypridd, in south Wales.
Donna - Full-time, award winning Lada Gaga tribute act. She’s travelled the world with her act, performing in places like China, Indonesia and Europe.


all together now 2019 the 100 f
Bud & Aidan - Singers, songwriters and guitar players in a punk band called We Are One, Bud and Aidan are also identical twins.
Maria and Tracey - Two sisters from Stockport. Together they make up the group Sisters In Song. From a young age, Maria and Tracey had strong musical influences from the family.


all together now 2019 the 100 g
Carreira3 - Three brothers, Alfie-J, Jace and Brandi. The band have toured with high-profile artists including Timberland, Lemar, Tinie Tempah, N Dubz, and Ne-Yo.


All Together Now airs Saturday nights on BBC One.

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