Last Act Standing: Reality talent contestant meets game show this autumn on Sky 1 HD

Last Act Standing

Last Act Standing (Working Title) is a new blend of shows coming to Sky 1 HD this autumn. The series, which is currently still in development, will mix reality talent contest and game show with an all singing, all dancing display of talents and a £10,000 prize up for grabs each week.

In the show, the studio audience is divided into three categories – singers, comedians and variety – and, each week, members are randomly selected to take to the stage for their stint in the spotlight.

But here’s the fun part: Armed with voting pads, the remaining audience will play judge and jury, and the jaw-droppingly bad will have to endure more than a jeer here and heckle there. If half of the audience have had enough, the abysmal act in question will be ejected from the show.

Quite literally, we're told. Think trap-doors, exploding stages, even horizontal bungees…

The winner really will be the Last Act Standing, taking home £10,000 prize and, more importantly, their dignity.

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