Even £22,000 can't stop Jason Gardiner from going bald!

Jason Gardiner Hair Transplant

Poor Dancing On Ice Judge Jason Gardiner spent £22,000 on his hair transplant earlier this year, but just a few months on from unveiling his new look, the ever critical ice judge is already going bald. The reality star, who is also a part of new ITV1 show Born To Shine, tried to cover up the patch from paps.

Jason revealed his new hair on the final of Dancing On Ice back in March, but it looks as though despite spending a whopping £22,000 on the operation, his new hair is already starting to recede.

The Dancing On Ice panelist tried - and failed - to cover up the bald patch on the top of his head as he was photographed in London earlier this week.

Speaking about the op previously, Jason said: "It was important for me to get this done. I feel so great about how it looks."

Jason claimed his previous baldness resulted in “depression and self-loathing”, adding that he can’t get enough of his new look.

Let's hope for his sack this isn't a long term problem...

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