The X Factor 2018 arena auditions recap: All the results from episode six

Who did the judges put through in week three? Catch up with the latest

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The X Factor 2018 continued its third week of auditions tonight with a hotel singer, a super-cool teacher, and a blue-haired banker all aiming to achieve stardom.

One hopeful divided the panel, with Robbie Williams rating him a “6” and Simon Cowell saying he only just saved himself.

However, Ayda Williams was a big fan – while Louis Tomlinson went as far as calling him the most exciting contestant yet.

At least the four were united when a rather painful performance of ‘Bang Bang’ proved to be the best bad audition of the series so far.

Read on for our full rundown of all the latest results…

Bella Penfold
Bella Penfold

Bella Penfold (4 yeses) – Essex lass Bella loves to perform and sings background music at a hotel – but having just had her hours cut, she’s taking the chance to shoot for the stars on the ITV talent contest. The 19-year-old tried to show that an “average joe can crack on and do what they wanna do” by auditioning with Joss Stone’s ‘Fell In Love With A Boy’. “You’re a little bit dangerous, because I don’t think you know what you’re going to do next, and that’s very entertaining,” observed Robbie. “In terms of what I call raw talent, potential, I absolutely love you,” said Simon.

Lanya Matthews (4 yeses) – Host Dermot O’Leary had plenty company watching Lanya’s performance of ‘And I Am Telling You’ from the sidelines, as she’d brought her whole family along to witness her big moment. The judges were stunned by the 17-year-old’s vocals on the Dreamgirls classic and joined the audience in giving her a standing ovation. “That was more than a performance, that was a statement,” remarked Simon. “That is the biggest, most bad-ass performance we have had,” proclaimed Ayda. “As time goes on, it gets harder and harder to shock us, but you’ve just done exactly that,” added Louis.

Lanya Matthews

Dee Lush (4 yeses) – Dee loves working as a teacher – but she also loves to sing, bribing her students to behave by promising to perform for them after lessons. The kids had no idea she’d be entering The X Factor, and for her try-out she brought an original track about love at first sight, named ‘All The Way’. “Your personality and your voice could fill a stadium. Congratulations, you’re amazing,” praised Robbie. “That was the finished article, you know exactly who you wanna be as an artist,” commented Louis. Ayda described her as “unbelievable”, while Simon said she “makes the older category cool”.

Dalton Andre Harris (4 yeses) – Having waited seven years to enter The X Factor, Dalton came from Jamaica to audition – but he lost his cool on stage, struggling to answer when Ayda asked about his musical inspirations. The 24-year-old performer – who grew up in a single-parent, one-room household – recovered to deliver a rousing rendition of ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’. Explaining his nerves, Dalton revealed that he’d been “on my own” since he was 15, prompting Ayda and Louis to give him sympathetic hugs. “You sang something which was sincere. It gave me a whole new take on that song,” said Simon. “I am rooting for you more than I am anyone I’ve seen so far,” smiled Louis.

Dalton Andre Harris

Ezat Azur (4 nos) – Two of blue-haired Ezat’s passions are helping people and music. It’s just as well he can do the former through his day job as a banker, as his cover of Jessie J and Ariana Grande’s ‘Bang Bang’ proved he’s not quite as good at the latter. “You’re wonderful and huge, but wrong, you’ve got it so wrong. Singing is not for you,” claimed Robbie. “I think you should stick to banking, in the nicest way possible,” said Louis. “Your voice is terrible, but I’m really happy that you came,” added Simon. Ezat proceeded to walk off stage before the judges had a chance to vote.

Nathan Grisdale (4 yeses) – Nathan bounded on stage with Robbie telling him that the judges wanted a “moment”. While he got off to a good start with his introduction, his “own spin” on Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up’ ended up dividing the panel. Nathan instantly became one of Louis’s favourites, with the 1D star explaining: “You have an absolutely amazing tone. If there comes a time when we hear your record on track, I think it’s gonna sound unbelievable. I’ve been waiting for the right person that makes me really excited.” However, Robbie rated Nathan’s performance as “a 6”, claiming he’s “still got a lot to prove” – while Simon remarked: “I think the last 20 seconds saved you.” Despite the concerns, Nathan left with four yesses.


Shan (4 yeses) – Shan has been interested in music since childhoold, and has managed a career as a session singer – but now she wants to move in to the spotlight and achieve her dream of being a “great role model”. For her audition, Shan delivered a passionate rendition of Loren Allred’s ‘Never Enough’, from the Greatest Showman soundtrack. “What you do vocally, with all the clever vocal inflections and riffs, is effortless,” noted Louis. “You are the strongest competitor we have seen yet, you are so phenomenal,” gushed Ayda. “When I am asked ‘how can you do these shows year after year’… it’s for moments like this. I was genuinely blown away,” added Simon.

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The X Factor 2018 continues next Saturday at 8.35pm and Sunday at 8.00pm on ITV.

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