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Strangers continues tonight on ITV but what's it all about and who's on the cast?

The ambitious, eight-part emotional conspiracy thriller continues at 9PM tonight on ITV with episode three.

British Professor Jonah Mulray’s life is turned upside-down after his wife, Megan Harris, is killed in a car-crash in Hong Kong. Wracked with grief, Jonah has no choice but to cross the ocean to bring home the woman he loved.

When Jonah arrives, he is immediately overwhelmed by the neon-saturated hyper-modern island of Hong Kong, a place in constant motion, and a world away from the halls of academia. It’s a city divided, with one foot still in its colonial past and another in its Chinese future. A world where we’re unsure if we can ever really know anyone at all - least of all Megan…

When Jonah discovers that Megan led a secret life, it seems to completely destroy everything they built together in London. With Megan’s death leaving so many unanswered questions, Jonah struggles to make sense of it. Did their relationship amount to anything more than a lie?

Strangers cast

Making up the Strangers 2018 cast are: John Simm as Jonah Mulray and Dervla Kirwan plays Megan Harris.

Anthony Wong plays David Chen, who knew Megan in Hong Kong, while Katie Leung plays Lau Chen, David's daughter. Emilia Fox plays Sally Porter, a worker for the British consul in China. Anthony Hayes is Michael Cohen, a journalist.

Strangers is written by newcomers Mark Denton & Jonny Stockwood, and directed by the award-winning and critically acclaimed Paul Andrew Williams (London to Brighton, Murdered by My Boyfriend, Broadchurch).

This first series is commissioned for ITV from Two Brothers Pictures, the drama indie established by award-winning writers and executive producers, Harry & Jack Williams (The Missing, Fleabag, One of Us).

Strangers spoilers

In tonight's fifth episode, Borne of necessity, Jonah goes undercover to find out once and for all whether David is connected to Megan’s death – and along the way he must confront a triad and known killer.

Next week, Megan’s last bequest leaves a trail of money that leads Jonah and David straight into the perilous jaws of Third Empire.

Strangers airs Monday nights at 9PM on ITV.

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