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Age Before Beauty is BBC One's new drama but who's on the cast and what's it all about?

Debbie Horsfield drama Age Before Beauty is a family saga set in a Manchester beauty salon starring Robson Green (Grantchester), Sue Johnston (Downton Abbey), Polly Walker (Mr Selfridge) and James Murray (Him).

The six-part drama, written by Horsfield (Poldark, Cutting It) and made by Mainstreet Pictures, is an exploration of youth, age, instant gratification and long-term relationships, all set within the beauty industry. At its heart is an unconventional family rife with sibling rivalries and unconventional parenting through the generations.

Also starring in the series are Lisa Riley (Three Girls), Kelly Harrison (The Level), Vicky Myers (The Five) and Madeleine Mantock (Into The Badlands).

Age Before Beauty airs Tuesday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

Age Before Beauty cast

Polly Walker is Isabel Finch
James Murray is Wesley Finch
Robson Green is Teddy Roxton
Kelly Harrison is Leanne Roxton

Sue Johnston is Ivy-Rae Regan
Lisa Riley is Tina Regan
Vicky Myers is Heidi Regan
Madeleine Mantock is Lorelei

Age Before Beauty spoilers

In the tonight's episode, Bel enlists the help of Ivy-Rae with regards to confronting her marital problems with Wes.

Meanwhile Leanne is trying to get one up on Bel and has organised a billboard to promote the salon. But Leanne has overpaid for it and is distraught when Teddy publicly sides with Bel.

Bel and Chizzler have a heart to heart where Chizzler tries to get her to talk to Wes. He admits his marriage hasn’t always been easy before revealing the shocking reason why he’s in a wheelchair.

At the unveiling of the salon billboard, Leanne is spoiling for a fight with Bel because she feels undermined by the family assuming Bel’s in charge at the salon. As their argument escalates, Bel accidentally blurts out why Chizzler’s in a wheelchair; Leanne, Tina and Heidi are put out that Bel knew a family secret that they didn’t.

Meanwhile Leanne feels insecure when she sees Teddy and Bel have an intimate hug as it fuels her suspicions that Teddy prefers Bel to her.

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