Claudia Winkleman says she's shocked her show King Of is actually on telly!

Claudia Winkleman

King Of... presenter Claudia Winkleman has joked that she can't believe Channel 4 bosses have allowed her new show on the telly... and looking at the ratngs they may well be regretting it! The latest episode on Friday night flopped with less than a million viewers tuning in from 9:30PM.

The figures meant the show came last in its slot - being beaten by BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1 and even Channel 5.

"I can’t quite believe that they’re letting me do it on telly – it might be a disaster!" Claudia tells Closer magazine, clearly before the above figures were revealed.


Explaining the idea behind the show, she said: "Ten years ago or something, my husband [film producer Kris Thykier] turned to me in a rather relaxed manner and said: 'King of nuts?' I said: 'It’s a pistachio,' and he went: 'It absolutely isn’t!' and then we had a 20-minute debate. It’s basically like playing favourites.

"We made a pilot with Miranda Hart where we did king of stationery to the point where I think there were members in the audience weeping because I couldn’t let it be Post-its! It’s a ridiculous show."

As host of the show, Claudia gets the final word on the topics - and she loves it! She laughs: "It is completely unfair, but I am so pregnant I don’t think anyone can disagree with me!"

But what is her King Of TV shows? Surprisingly, not her own! "Question Time," she replies. "We all know that – you can’t miss an episode because then you feel stupid! And I’m in love with David Dimbleby. He’s the king of men!"

> Claudia Winkleman's 'King Of...' cut short because of her pregnancy!

Read more of the interview in this week's Closer magazine, out now.

Tune into King Of... with Claudia Winkleman on Channel 4 this Friday at 9:30PM.

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