Glee star Chris Colfer wants Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie on the hit US show!

Lea Michelle (Glee)

Glee star Chris Colfer, who plays gay character Kurt Hummel in the hit US series, has reportedly promised Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie cameos on the show when it returns this autumn. The trio met up in London this weekend as the Glee live tour moved to the UK for its penultimate stop.

21-year-old Chris said after meeting the pair, this time wearing more suitable attire than their wacky Royal Wedding hats: "The princesses love Glee.

"We've got the royal seal of approval. Maybe we can get them a cameo on the show. Wouldn't that be amazing?"

The Glee cast kicked off a week's stay in London on Saturday as they came to the UK to perform live for the first time for fans, with a set list including their biggest hit Don't Stop Believin'.

A witness who saw the trio meet up told The Sun today: "They look a bit bedraggled from all the rain but they soon perked up after they saw Kurt was there. Eugenie especially is a huge fan of Glee and everyone got on like a house on fire. It was a real party atmosphere.

"Eugenie was pressing Chris for more information on the third series of Glee, which has been filmed but not aired over here yet."

Glee returns to Sky here in the UK this autumn.

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