Midsomer Murders cast and spoilers from tonight's The Curse of the Ninth episode

Midsomer Murders cast and spoilers revealed

Midsomer Murders returns to ITV tonight – but who’s on the cast of The Curse of the Ninth episode?

In the The Curse of the Ninth, shock waves rocket through Thassingham Festival when Jacob Wheeler is awarded the Falconer Bursary instead of the supremely talented Zac Sowande – but shock soon turns to horror when Jacob is found murdered, strangled by violin string.

The Curse of the Ninth will be repeated on ITV on Friday, 28 January at 8:30PM. The episode first aired in 2018.

Midsomer Murders cast

Alongside DCI John Barnaby played by Neil Dudgeon, DS Jamie Winter played by Nick Hendrix and Dr Kam Karimore played by Manjinder Virk, Sarah Barnaby played by Fiona Dolmanhere, here’s the full cast…

James Fleet plays Michael Falconer
Joseph Prowen plays Dan Falconer
Robert Daws plays Hamish Rafferty

Caroline Langrishe plays Janey Rafferty
Rosie Holden plays Candice Rafferty
Callum Blake plays Jacob Wheeler

Flora Spencer-longhurst plays Natalie Wheeler
Maggie O’neill plays Audrey Glenhill
Colin Michael Carmichael plays Ivo Baxter

Simon Callow plays Vernon De Harthog
Cyril Nri plays Warwick Sowande
Matthew Jacobs-morgan plays Zak Sowande

A synopsis of the episode shares: “Barnaby’s initial investigation begins by focussing on Jacob’s fellow musicians and their charismatic maestro Michael Falconer, who is using the festival to debut his Ninth Symphony while simultaneously belittling his own musician son, Dan.

“Barnaby discovers that musicians tend to think of a ninth symphony as being cursed which is being linked to Jacob’s death as he would have been the lead violinist on Michael’s composition.

“Michael pretends he’s not concerned with the Curse and secretly demands the return of the loan he gave to his sister Janey to start the Rafferty Distillery in order to ensure the Festival and his symphony go ahead as planned.

“As Barnaby and Winter dig deeper into the mystery they discover a vital piece of information from a mysterious teenager’s skeleton that turns the case on its head. From those lonely bones and with the help of a necklace, Barnaby discovers that Jacob was definitely not what he seemed and leads to the true but surprising killer.

“Meanwhile, Kam finally follows through with her plan to leave Midsomer despite her emotional connection with Winter but Sarah is sure that it’s for the best.”

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