Glee creator reveals Finn, Quinn and Puck 'likely to leave' at end of Series 3

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Quinn and Finn (Glee)

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that fan favourites Finn, Quinn and Puck are the most likely cast members to leave the show at the end of the third series. Speaking to EW, Murphy however insisted that not all of the present cast would be the on the way out...

He said: "I would say there are some people who are not seniors and there are some people that are really intellectually challenged. Like, you know that Britney is pulling straight Fs."

However he added that older characters including Finn (Cory Monteith), Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Puck (Mark Salling) are 'likely to leave' at the end of the third season, which will air in the US in September.


Asked about the fate of other characters, Murphy revealed: "Chord [Overstreet] is not a senior. I believe Darren [Criss is not a senior]. There's a group of them. But this year we will be adding new people."

Meanwhile the TV exec also revealed that Santana would remain a lesbian in the new series, explaining: "The thing we're not going to do is something I would feel is disingenuous - Santana being like, 'Oh, I'm going to try sleeping with boys again'.

"No, Santana is now officially a lesbian and will be dealing with that as Kurt did."

But fans hoping for a relationship between Santana and Brittany may be left disappointed. "Brittany with a coupla wine coolers in her is good to go, so never say never. But we haven't really [worked out] that story," Murphy says. "All I can say is we will be true to Santana's sexual orientation."

Glee returns in September and will air on Sky here in the UK.

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