Alexander Armstrong to present new BBC Saturday night series Epic Win

Alexander Armstrong

This summer, things are getting epic on Saturday nights on BBC One, as comedian Alexander Armstrong (Armstrong & Miller, Reggie Perrin) challenges some of the nation's quirkier unsung heroes to present their powers to the people in new primetime series Epic Win.

From a man who can read hundreds of barcodes, to high-speed mobility scooter racing, plus men who can identify species of fish just by having them slapped in their face – no challenge is too weird, wacky and wonderful for this show.

Each week these individuals will perform their unique skills in front of a studio audience and a panel fronted by stand-up comedian Micky Flanagan (Mock The Week, Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, Royal Variety Show) and award-winning new comedian Joe Lycett. Each week they will also be joined by another guest.

Following the "heroic" challenges, each panellist will put a secret cash value on our unsung heroes' talents of up to £1000, making a total jackpot of £3000. The challenger then has to guess how much the panel thinks they're worth, facing an automatic increasing totalizer. If they guess correctly, they get the total amount. If they guess below the amount, they get whatever they have guessed. But, if they over-estimate their worth, they walk away with nothing and exit through the "epic fail" door.

Katie Taylor, Head of In-house Entertainment and Events, said:: "BBC In-house Entertainment is proud to bring the UK's unsung heroes and their quirky talents to BBC One's Saturday night audiences in Epic Win. What's not to like about a fishmonger who when blindfolded can identify different types of fish whilst being slapped around the face?”

The series will transmit on Saturdays on BBC One later this summer.

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