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Davina McCall returns tonight with her new series of This Time Next Year.

Featuring extraordinary people from around the UK who will share with viewers what they pledge to change in their life by ‘This Time Next Year’.

Over the course of 12 months they’ll aim to fulfil their dreams of losing weight, meeting an unknown family member, having children, or finally realising a lifelong personal ambition.

Their transformations will appear instantaneous using the programme’s ‘time travel’ style format. Once each pledge is made, the contributor will leave the studio ready to begin their challenge but just moments later will reappear completely transformed one year later, hopefully revealing a brand new them.

In the fourth episode of the new series Davina meets Rebecca who pledges to ‘have a full set of teeth’ when they meet again in a year. Rebecca had several teeth pulled out when she was younger and developed such a fear of the dentist that she avoided going. She now has very few teeth left and wants a new set so she can eat what she wants and smile with confidence.

Mum of two Mandy is a part-time music teacher and dreams of making it as an author. She has a novel ready to be published and after years of rejection letters has finally signed to a literary agent. Mandy hopes that by this time next year she will be a published author.

Samantha was born with Talipes, a clubfoot, and underwent surgeries as a child to correct it. Although it was corrected, as she got older, it began to cause her unbearable pain and she took the decision to have the lower part of her leg amputated. Now her pledge is to be able to walk in high heels - something she has never been able to do before.

Sean, a dad of three, was diagnosed with non Hodgkins Lymphoma and after two rounds of chemotherapy was advised to have a bone marrow transplant. Just 45 days later Seanwas matched to a donor in the USA and underwent the transplant. Sean's pledge for this time next year is to meet the man who saved his life.

This Time Next Year airs at 8PM tonight, Tuesday May 1 on ITV.

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