David Walliams says he and Matt will reunite for second Come Fly With Me series

Matt Lucas and David Walliams

Despite reports suggesting that he had split with long time collaborator Matt Lucas, David Walliams has insisted that the comedy partners will reunite for a second series of BBC One show Come Fly With Me. The duo have rubbished claims they will no longer be working together after taking on solo projects.

39-year-old David Walliams told the Daily Star: “We hope there’s going to be ­another series of Come Fly With Me. We’re doing some other things at the moment but I hope so."

David also revealed the duo were planning a new special one-off show with characters from their shows.

He hinted: “We could do a show with all our characters from Rock Profile…or you could do one half Come Fly With Me and one half Little ­Britain or something.”

However the comic confessed to be hesitant about whether the public would be interested in bringing old characters back to the telly. “I think years ago things would go away so people would have ­nostalgia for them," David said. “Now, you can watch anything at any moment you want.

“You can buy a DVD, watch it on YouTube or whatever. So I’m not sure people are going to have nostalgia for Little Britain in a way that they might have had nostalgia for a comedy show that was on 20 years ago.”