Lee Mack wants Tom Cruise on his new 'All Star Cast' show!

Lee Mack

Tonight sees the launch of Lee Mack's very own Saturday night primetime show Lee Mack's All Star Cast on BBC One. Speaking to The Sun's Buzz magazine today ahead of the show's premiere, the comic said he wanted Tom Cruise on the show!

The new variety show will see a range of sketches, clips, stand up comedy, music performances and audience participation in what is set to be a brilliant entertainment programme.

One segment of this new show will see Lee interview celebs with his children – very interesting! They’re practising now and are hoping a certain Hollywood mega-star appears on the show.

Lee tells the magazine: “As long as Tom Cruise comes on the show, wets himself and then says: ‘Can I watch CBeebies?’ I’ll reckon be fine.”

Lee Mack

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