Saturday Night Takeaway heads to Florida for finale - how to get tickets

Saturday Night Takeaway Florida tickets

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Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway will visit Universal Orlando Resort for its biggest end of series finale to date.

The announcement was made in the first live show of this year's series.


The seventh and final show of the current 15th series will be broadcast live from the popular attraction featuring spectacular stunts, star guests and lots of surprises in store.

Over 200 lucky prize winners will be part of the audience, with the race now on to win a place on the plane.

Announcing the news live on the show, Ant and Dec revealed: "This year the Saturday Night Takeaway series finale will be coming live from Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. It's going to be incredible.

"We're celebrating our series finale with a party you'll never forget. We're taking over 200 of you to Florida and we'll be giving away tickets all series long."

The first set of tickets were then given away as part of the show's Happiest Minute of the Week.

So how else can you get tickets?

One way is to enter the big competition online HERE, where eight places on the plane are up for grabs. You could also win £40,000 and a bundle of gadgets including Apple goodies, Fitbits, and Beats headphones.

Alternatively, you can nominate friends or family (or yourself) to appear on the show and win tickets.

To put yourself forward or to nominate someone to be on the show, visit the ITV website HERE for details.


Meanwhile, if you just fancy being in the live crowd on Saturday nights in London, here's how to get Saturday Night Takeaway audience tickets.

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway continues next Saturday on ITV from 7pm.

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