'Keith Lemon's Bang Tidy Show' set for Saturday night ITV1 primetime!

Keith Lemon (Sing If You Can)

Following the success (yes, we're not sure how either) of Sing If You Can, Keith Lemon is back with his very own Saturday night primetime ITV1 show. The new programme - which starts recording next month - has a working title of 'Keith Lemon's Bang Tidy Show' and is set to be more bonkers than ever.

The show "promises to be as hilarious and off the wall as Celebrity Juice – the big difference? It’s on Saturday night on ITV1!" says a message from Applause Store.

It goes on: "While there’s all the usual celebrity guests there’s also a talking Orangutan, a door that leads to anywhere, audience games and prizes, a supermarket in the future staffed by old celebrities and you, the audience, can ask Keith anything you want! You could ask his advice on a problem you're having, his thoughts on a topical issue or anything really!

"Keith Lemon's Bang Tidy Show will end with a big performance by Keith and his celebrity guest."

The show will be produced by TalkbackThames for ITV and will air in the early evening on Saturday nights.

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