Lee Mack promises 'hybrid' chat and sketch show with new show Lee Mack’s All Star Cast

Lee Mack

Lee Mack’s All Star Cast kicks off on BBC One this Saturday and the comic has revealed he sees the new show as a 'hybrid' between a chat show and sketch show - with added stand-up comedy. The primetime entertainment show will also see music and audience participation when it debuts this weekend.

Speaking to What's On TV this week about his new show, Lee said: "[It's] a variety show... In that it includes a variety of ideas, rather than being an old-school variety show with unicyclists and jugglers. It’s a hybrid of a chat show and sketch show with stand-up, music and the audience being a big part of the action."

The stand up, whose sitcom Not Going Out was recently renewed for two series by the BBC, continued: "It’s said that there are two types of comedian... One can be quite miserable off stage, the other needy and desperate to get laughs. I don’t think I’m either. I’m the sort who messes about trying to make his mates laugh and yet, the more stand-up I do, the less I need to do that."

42-year-old Mack added: "I went back onto the comedy circuit to test some new material for this series... That’s one of the best bits of the job – turning up to play some pokey little pub as one of four or five acts on the bill."

Lee Mack's All Star Cast starts at 9:40PM on BBC One this Saturday.

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