Picture: Claudia Winkleman chased by a penguin on her new show The King Of...!

Claudia Winkleman

Poor Claudia Winkleman found herself running (or rather for the heavily pregnant presenter waddling) across the set of her new TV show when she was chased by a penguin! The penguin had joined Claudia and her guests Sarah Millican and Chris Evans, as they debated the King Of jobs.

A penguin was in the studio to help argue for the job of zoo keeper, but decided to find its way into the studio audience before chasing host Claudia, causing filming to be delayed.

“The penguin held up filming for ages," a source told The Mirror. “It was funny at first when it waddled on to the stage but then it started going into the audience and chasing Claudia around the studio.

“She is almost ready to give birth so she was scared to run too much but she didn’t want to step on the bird either. It was chaos for a while but everyone in the audience thought it was hilarious.”

Claudia Winkleman King Of Penguin

Claudia joked: “I can’t believe how much we overran but it was partly the bird’s fault.

“I didn’t know what to do for a while. It was madness.”

The new series 'King Of' debuts this Friday on Channel 4 at 9:30PM!

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