Shetland cast and spoilers from BBC One's drama series

shetland cast and spoilers

Drama Shetland continues on BBC One tonight for series 4 but who's on the cast and what's it all about?

Adapted from Ann Cleeves celebrated novels, Shetland series 4 is an original story which sees DI Jimmy Perez deal with murders from the past and present with unsettling similarities.

When Shetlander, Thomas Malone (played by Stephen Walters) has his murder conviction overturned after 23 years behind bars, DI Perez has to reopen the investigation into the 1994 death of local teenager, Lizzie Kilmuir.

As suspicion surrounds Malone, a local journalist is found murdered in similar circumstances and he finds himself firmly in the frame again. Has Malone fooled the system in to releasing him only to murder again? Or was he a victim of a miscarriage of justice? As pressure mounts on Perez, he must look beyond the gossip and prejudice to get to the truth.

Shetland cast

Douglas Henshall returns in the lead role of DI Jimmy Perez for Series 4.

New cast who have joined Shetland for this series include Neve McIntosh (The Replacement, Doctor Who), Sean McGinley (The Fall, Gangs of New York), Stephen Walters (The Accused), Gerard Miller (Bladerunner, River City), Allison McKenzie (Line of Duty, River City) and Michael Moreland (Filth, Scot Squad).

Perez is played by Douglas Henshall, Thomas Malone by Stephen Walters, Tosh by Alison O’Donnell, Sandy by Steven Robertson, Drew McColl by Sean McGinley, Sally McColl by Amy Lennox, Alan Killick by Gerard Miller, Jo Halley by Sophie Stone, Kate Kilmuir by Neve McIntosh. Also starring Mark Bonnar as Duncan, Erin Armstrong as Cassie, Julie Graham as Rhona.

Shetland spoilers

In tonight's second episode, Perez is on the trail of an attacker, Tosh investigates an oil company in the hunt for Sally’s killer, and DNA testing in the Kilmuir case yields a surprising result, as murder-mystery Shetland continues.

Tosh is met with a wall of silence when she attempts to meet with Først Energy, the oil company Sally was investigating for corporate manslaughter before her death. When she then discovers Først’s Health and Safety officer Andreas Hagan disappeared the morning after Sally’s murder, he quickly becomes their number one suspect.

Meanwhile, Alan Killick’s alibi for Sally’s murder doesn’t hold up and his sarcastic protestations of innocence raise questions about whether he was involved in the attack on Malone. Perez’s unease grows when step-daughter Cassie, encouraged by her biological father Duncan, starts volunteering at the Killick’s wildlife sanctuary, run by Alan’s mother, Donna.

Sandy goes through evidence from the Kilmuir case and finds a potential lead on Malone’s attack - Benny Ray, star witness in the Kilmuir case and a police informant for Drew McColl.

Tosh and Perez search Hagan’s property in search of evidence connecting him and his company to murder victim Sally. When police in Norway provide a lead on his whereabouts, Bergen beckons for Tosh.

In Lerwick, Perez is shocked when DNA on the scarf used to kill Lizzie Kilmuir two decades ago throws up a surprising local connection.

Shetland airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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